The Student Equity Plan was written in response to the state’s student equity policy and Title 5 regulations to “provide educational equity through environments in which each person…has a reasonable chance to fully develop his or her potential” (Educational Code 66010.2c, Student Equity Planning Fact Sheet 2014). The plan identifies Fullerton College’s disproportionately impacted student populations and provides three to five year goals to improve Access, Course Completion, ESL and Basic Skills Completion, Transfer, and Certificate and Degree Completion through the implementation of programs in instructional and student services across campus.

FC Student Equity Plan Executive Summary 2019-2022 

Fullerton College Integrated Plan (Fullerton College log-in required)

Student Equity Plan 2015-2016

Student Equity Plan 2014-2015

Planning Process

The programs, services, and activities described in the Student Equity and Integrated plans were identified through a proposal process. The proposal process has taken a slightly different approach during each of the three years since the inception of equity funds from the State Chancellor’s Office. The power point provides a brief look at the history and process used in creating the Student Equity Plan since 2005. The most recent proposal application period was during fall 2017 for activities that would be completed between spring 2018-summer 2019.

2018-2019 Student Equity Proposal Forms (Equity funding proposal period has ended for this funding cycle)

Fullerton College Student Equity Proposal 2018-2019 (includes rubric and information sheet)

Fullerton College Equity Proposal Rubric 2018-2019

Student Equity Proposal Information Sheet 2018-2019

Student Equity Proposal Information Power Point F17

Summary of 2016-2017 Student Equity Funded Projects

Student Equity Committee Process (Update to Faculty Senate Spring 2018)